Winter Solstice 2011

I lived my whole life in 70 degree weather with sunshine in the wintertime, and now that I live in NYC it’s almost like that life never existed. Except for recent “global warming” (the only reason I can think of for a 50 degree winter in Manhattan), the last few winters of my life have been spent in knee deep snow and down-filled puffers. Depressing, when you consider how many days it’s been since your toes have seen sunlight.

On the first official 2011 day of Winter, I feel compelled to have a mimosa in the sunlight and toast to this holiday season, spent in the warmth of my hometown, San Diego. Today, it’s 61 degrees in sunny Pacific Beach, where I will be unwrapping Christmas cheer and many mimosas with one of my two darling sisters (the other one doesn’t celebrate Christmas, and that’s a story for different blog). It’s my favorite way to spend Christmas; with cocktails and family. What’s yours?


1. I bought a Steve by Searle puffy last season, but I’m still doubting its warmth. What kind of puffer do you wear? Rate it, on a scale of one to ten. I’m obsessed with puffy coat ratings!

Steve by Searle, 7/8 length down filled coat with removable hood

2. I feel the need to have a pedicure once a month. How often do you get a pedi during the winter?

Solution: OPI Muppets colors, if you can still find them. Delightful!


p.s. Do you open everything on Christmas day? Or do you open presents early? I just unwrapped fun holiday jammies!:

Cute, warm, and from Target!


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